iPhone X

OEM Parts iPhone Repair:

We use genuine LCD,Digitiser glass & frame  for *OEM iPhone repair.

​We guarantee that we use the top supplier and the screens are fitted with the gorilla glass, which is the best quality in Australian market. We proudly provide 1 year warranty for all screens.Our warranty covers glass separation, touch issues or colour saturation issues.

​Unlike copy screen  can be easily smashed again and by slightly dropped, the glass likely to separate from the frame and even the saturation is not as same as your old screen.

iPhone X

Accidentally crack your screen? Worry not as we are able to repair your iPhone X with genuine quality screen in just 30 minutes in Melbourne and South Yarra.

IPhone X is the eleventh generation of iPhone which is released on November 3th, 2017. iPhone X is the first generation in iPhone to feature a bezel-less design, true depth camera which allow user to unlock their iPhone with face ID, and LED screen.

With the new design on iPhone X, it is certain way tougher as compared to its previous generations. But, as tough as it can get, it is not immune to various physical damage such as broken screen and broken LED. Here at iDoc, we are trained to ensure that downtime is minimized as much as possible so that you can resume in using your phone for important purposes.

In iDoc, we also covers various if iPhone X repairs such as back glass replacement, camera/camera lens replacement, charging port replacement and battery replacement. To top it up, we offer 1-year warranty to all of our genuine parts replacement to show that we are confident in our repairs as well the quality of the replacement part.

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